STeP-IN, the Forum for Software Testing Practitioners came into being in October 2003 at Bangalore. STeP-IN‚ registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, operates on a Non-Profit basis.

Within a span of a decade of its formation, STeP-IN has opened chapters at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune. The thought leadership for STeP-IN is provided by the Steering and Chapter Executive Committees, which comprise of stalwarts from the industry. The various posts on these committees are for tenure of 2 years each.

Practitioners from the Indian Testing Fraternity support STeP-IN Forum by contributing their time and expertize towards its various activities.

Our Mission

To help prepare promising leaders to face future challenges in the Indian Testing Industry, the Forum aims at bringing together software test professionals, testing gurus, academicians and service / product vendors to share Software Testing related experiences.

Our Objectives

  • To be a primary networking mechanism for software testing professionals
  • To “strengthen” the testing community:
    • By enabling access to testing mentorship
    • By being a conduit to knowledge
    • By creating Test Leadership Awards and recognition for practitioners
  • Enablement of technology (by contributing to improve the core practice of testing by providing technology related information)

Our Activities

  • STeP-IN SUMMIT: The International Conference on Software Testing at Bangalore is an annual conference that brings together leading industry experts, practitioners, and technology vendors. It is typically spread across 3-5 days.
  • Theme Conferences and Colloquiums: These are smaller events (1-2 days) on specific themes at various locations – Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai
  • Evening Talks and Panel Discussions, Webinars: 1-2 hour events at which a subject matter expert / group of experts shares their knowledge and deliberate on a specific topic. This is followed by tea and an opportunity for participants to interact with the experts. Webinars are virtual and hence the interaction is through chat sessions.
  • SIGs (Special Interest Groups) that work on test related specific topics
  • White Papers, Technical Reports, and Industrial Research in cooperation with organizations
  • Testing Portal: Vertical portal on Testing for Practitioners and experts to upload & share testing related blogs white papers, technical articles etc.
  • Test Leadership Awards and Recognition to industry veterans.